Bypass Hard Drive Protection On A Dell 8600

Remove the hard drive password from your laptop.

Some Dell computers are protected by a hard drive password loaded through the computer’s BIOS before the operating system is started. If you have a Dell computer that asks for a password before Windows loads, accessing your files can be difficult, especially if you’ve lost the password. Fortunately, this BIOS password can be cleared by removing all power sources from your Dell Inspirion 8600, including a tiny, hidden battery that provides power to the system clock and BIOS memory when your computer is unplugged.


1. Shut down your Inspirion 8600. Once the laptop powers off, unplug it from its AC adapter and remove all batteries from the case. Close the display unit and flip the laptop upside down.

2. Examine the main battery bay for a small, removable panel. Remove this panel to reveal the CMOS (backup) battery.

3. Remove the CMOS battery from its slot in the motherboard. Let your laptop sit for at least 30 minutes to ensure that all the power stored in the machine’s capacitors drains.

4. Replace the CMOS battery in its slot. Replace the panel that covers the CMOS battery.

5. Connect your laptop to its AC adapter and reinsert any batteries into their bays. Start your laptop; the BIOS password protection will be disabled.