Care For Harley Boots

Authentic Harley boots have a waterproofing shield and are made from genuine leather. Some Harley boots lace up, some have buckles and some have zippers. Choices of styles include the Faded Glory, Hustin and Dipstick. A well-fitting pair of boots is essential for maintaining proper motorcycle riding safety; after all, they are not just a fashion statement. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Polish your leather boots. not only has boots for sale, but cleaning accessories such as polish as well (see Resources). Use black creme polish for best results in maintaining the original color.

2. Shelter your boots from weather such as snow and rain when not out in the elements. Dry them up in natural outdoor air after they‘ve gotten wet. Don’t use too much heat, such as a dryer, as this is can dry out the leather. Make sure it’s not going to rain if you put them outside.

3. Waterproof your boots with a mild detergent and let them stand dry. Once you remove the factory waterproofing, the new weatherproofing repellent will stick to your boots effectively. Use beeswax or lanolin to fill up the porous leather. This will prevent water from harming the integrity of the leather fiber. Reapply water repellent or wax weekly if you’re using your boots consistently.