Care For Leatherlyke Saddlebags

LeatherLyke designs and hand-assembled motorcycle saddlebags and cases are made with a “leather-like” material consisting of two layers of ABS plastic: a structural bottom layer and a laminate top layer. Each bag also has a neoprene, interior foam insulation lining. To care for these materials, you must maintain your LeatherLyke product by following certain procedures for mounting or using your saddlebags or cases and regularly clean the products to remove any dirt or other debris that could damage the laminate’s luster.


General Care

1. Place silicone lubricant on the rubber mounting points regularly before mounting your LeatherLyke saddlebags or cases.

2. Check the mounting clips to make sure that each clip fits correctly into the groove on its mounting spool.

3. Drain and wipe dry your saddlebags or cases whenever you use ice or water in the neoprene foam liner. When finished, air-dry the bags or cases thoroughly by leaving the lids open.


4. Wipe your LeatherLyke saddlebags or cases with a slightly soapy, soft cloth to remove dirt and debris, oil, grease and other buildup that can dirty the LeatherLyke ABS laminate, conchos and chrome-plated stainless steel studs.

5. Remove shiny spots and scratches by scrubbing applicable areas gently with a Scotch-Brite ultra-fine white scouring pad. Rinse all areas with a slightly damp, soft cloth.

6. Apply a light amount of LeatherLyke recommended Windex or Turtle Wax F-21 onto your saddlebags or cases. Buff the surfaces dry with a soft cloth.