Catalog Gifts For Men

Catalogs let you search for many different types of gifts without leaving home.

In the age of the Internet, buying gifts for someone is easy to do without leaving your home. Catalogs, both physical and online, provide a wide range of products for men. Even a catalog commonly considered to be geared toward women may hold gift ideas for the men in your life.


MP3 players and accessories can be great gifts for men.

Many men are fans of electronic gadgets. From smart phones to MP3 players to hand-held video games, electronic toys are popular gifts for men. Several Web catalogs offer these and other gift ideas, including digital cameras, cellular phone accessories and global positioning systems. Non-electric gadgets are fun, too. For a handyman, a magnetic wrist holder for nails and screws is a helpful gift. A sports-themed or odd-shaped bottle opener is a fun gift for a man who enjoys a beverage.


Surprise him with a classic pair of cuff links.

Not a typical gift idea for men, jewelry can be a thoughtful and unexpected present. The variety of watches available–dress, sports, diving–means there is one for nearly any man. Cuff links or a tie clip are useful gifts for a professional man. If he is also a sports fan, purchase him a pair of cuff links made of material from a favorite old ballpark or with the logo of his favorite team.


Clothing is always a good gift for a man.

Any man can use new clothing. Look through catalogs from his college alma mater for shirts, jackets and sweats. Visit the website shop of his favorite sports team for a jersey or cap. Find practical items in clothing-specific catalogs. Search specialty catalogs for T-shirts with funny sayings or depictions of his favorite hobbies. Some catalogs even offer clothing like socks that prevent fungus growth and sweaters with the warmth of fleece.


Cigar catalogs offer cigars, humidors and accessories.

There are a great number of items a man can use, even if he doesn’t know it. Catalogs that specialize in specialty gifts often carry these. A valet that holds his watch, mobile phone and loose change is a practical gift he may not have realized he needed. Toiletry bags are a useful gift for a man who travels. Tie or belt holders will keep his closet organized. Give him an engraved key chain, money clip or pocket flask. For the cigar aficionado, there are several catalogs that offer single and boxed cigars as well as humidors and other accessories. Poker sets with cards and chips are great for his night with the guys.

Food and Drink

Popcorn tins are fun and useful.

If the man in your life is a wine drinker, several catalogs offer wines for delivery. Some states restrict alcohol deliveries, so find that out before ordering. Chocolate-covered pretzels are a sweet and salty treat. For a health-conscious man, send him a fruit basket or arrangement. Tins of popcorn can be useful storage after the snacks are eaten.