Change A Bulb In A Bathroom Fan

Change a Bulb in a Bathroom Fan

Many bathrooms have some sort of fan built into the ceiling. This help reduce the moisture after taking a shower or smells that may linger. Depending on the kind of bathroom you have one of the lights for the room may be in the same location as the fan. The light is found below the fan, so if it does happen to burn out you can replace it in the same manner as you would replace any other ceiling light bulb. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Turn the light switch off. The light bulb is going to be extremely hot when you try to grab it so it is best to allow it time to cool off.

2. Remove the covering over the bathroom fan light bulb. Most likely there are a few tightening screws holding a glass cover over it. These screws can be loosened by hand. Keep a free hand under the light cover in case it should fall.

3. Unscrew the current light bulb from the socket. Discard the light bulb in the trash.

4. Screw the replacement bulb into the light socket and turn the power switch on to make sure it lights properly.

5. Attach the light bulb cover back over the light. Ensure the screws are securely fastened to the cover so that it doesn’t fall.