Change A Derby Cover

A custom derby cover, such as this skull motif, can set your bike apart.

On a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, everything from the handlebars to the derby—or clutch inspection—cover can be replaced with a custom piece to reflect its owner’s personality. In fact, a wide selection of derby cover are available with nearly any design imaginable, all of which can be bolted on in minutes. Exchanging your boring stock derby cover with a custom cover can add that final touch to your customized Harley-Davidson.


1. Clear away any dirt trapped around the edge of the derby cover, using an air compressor.

2. Unscrew the six Torx-head bolts from the perimeter of the derby cover, using a T-27 screwdriver.

3. Pull the derby cover and its gasket off of the motorcycle’s primary cover.

4. Place a new derby cover gasket onto the primary cover and mount the new derby cover over it.

5. Screw the derby cover bolts loosely into place, using a T-27 screwdriver.

6. Tighten the derby cover bolts completely, starting at the top bolt and working across in a zig-zag pattern, using a T-27 screwdriver.