Change A Face Shield

Face shields protect your face from injury if an accident should occur.

Motorcycle and racing helmets are essential to keeping you safe while out on the open road. Most helmets come with a face shield that is meant to protect your face from wind, rocks, insects, and from facial injuries due to accidents. If you have recently been involved in an accident you need to change the face shield immediately. The shield could have sustained unseen damages and may have become weakened. Changing out the face shield is simple and should not take much time.


1. Use the release lever on the helmet to unlock the face shield. Lift the face shield into the open position. The lever is located on the helmet’s viewport on the lower left corner.

2. Push the plastic pull rings located on the side of the helmet down. This will release the face shield.

3. Remove the face shield from the helmet. Gently pull the shield forward until it comes apart from the helmet.

4. Place the sides of the new face shield against the base plates of the helmet. Hold the shield in the open position.

5. Press the sides of the shield down into the face plates until they click. This locks the shield in place.

6. Check the shield to see if it opens and closes correctly. The shield should slide up and down easily, but without being too loose.