Change A Gas Tank On A Harleydavidson Motorcycle

Removing the gas tank on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and installing a new one is something a bike owner with little or no experiences in auto mechanics can do. Follow these simple instructions to change your Harley-Davidson gas tank in less than 30 minutes.


1. Disconnect the battery terminal to prevent any electrical shocks. Disconnect the hose at the bottom of the gas tank. Place an approved container on the ground and allow the gas to drain out of the tank until empty.

2. Remove the housing unit (or console) over the meter assembly (the part that has the speedometer on it) if necessary to get to your gas tank on the Harley-Davidson by removing the bolts that connect it to your motorcycle. Detach the electric fittings as well.

3. Remove the acorn nut and bolt at the front center of the tank, and possibly one underneath the tank near the forks (some models only have one of these bolts). Remove the screw in front of the seat, at the back of the Harley-Davidson gas tank.

4. Take off the seat if necessary to get to the tank. Lift the tank a little and disconnect the electrical connector underneath. Place it on a soft surface, like a blanket or foam, to prevent any scratches to your gas tank. Keep the hose connection pieces from touching the ground so that they don’t get bent or damaged.

5. Put the new tank on carefully, to prevent any damage. Replace the disconnected gas line tightly.

6. Replace the bolts. Reconnect the battery cables on your Harley-Davidson motorcycle.