Change A Harley Electra Glide Motor Mount

Change a Harley Electra Glide Motor Mount

The motor mount on a Harley-Davidson Electra Glide is what keeps the engine from coming out of the frame when you start the engine and while you are riding down the road. The motor mount is at the bottom of the engine on the cross beam toward the handle bars. To change the mount, you will need a friend to help you steady the engine throughout the process.


1. Push your Harley onto level ground and put down the kick stand. Look under the engine and locate the motor mount. Wipe off the mount and the surrounding area with a rag before you start to work.

2. Loosen the bolt at the bottom of the motor mount using the ratchet set. Slide the jack under the engine block. Have your friend hold the engine for balance and jack up the engine about two inches to take the weight of the engine off of the motor mount.

3. Remove the securing bolt all the way from the motor mount. Pull the bolt down and away from the Harley’s frame and set aside. Pull the motor mount out from between the engine and the frame.

4. Place the new motor mount between the engine and the frame. Line up the holes on the frame with the holes on the mount. Insert the bolt into the holes and tighten the bolt using the ratchet set. Remove the jack from under the engine block.