Change A Harley Electraglide Motor Mount

Change a Harley Electraglide Motor Mount

The motor mount on the Harley Electraglide is between the engine and the frame at the bottom of the engine connected to a cross-member. To change the motor mount you are going to have to get the Harley up off of the ground using a motorcycle jack. The only other tool that you are going to need will be a ratchet set to remove the bolt that is holding the mount to the frame.


1. Lift the Harley up using the motorcycle jack. Don’t place the motorcycle jack on the mount when you lift the Harley.

2. Locate the motor mount on the underside of the Harley between the engine and the cross-member. Place the car jack under the engine and raise the engine up to take the weight off the mount.

3. Remove the bolt that is securing the mount to the engine and frame using a ratchet set. Pull the mount out from between the engine and the frame.

4. Slide the new motor mount between the engine and the frame. Insert the securing bolt and tighten the bolt using a ratchet set.