Change A Harley Flh Front Motor Mount

Change a Harley FLH Front Motor Mount

Harley-Davidson touring motorcycles that are equipped with Big-Twin engines and large forks are FL models. The FLH is a classic Harley-Davidson model. The engine is secured to the frame by two mounts, one on the transmission and one on the engine. There is a crossmember (metal beam) that the motor mount is connected to on the underside of the FLH frame. To change the motor mount on the FLH you will need to lift the Harley using a motorcycle jack.


1. Place the motorcycle jack under the Harley FLH and lift the Harley at the support points. Look under the frame of the Harley FLH and locate the motor mount toward the front.

2. Place the car jack under the engine and lift the engine up 1 inch to relieve the pressure from the motor mount.

3. Loosen the bolt securing the motor mount to the frame and the engine using the ratchet set. Pull the bolt from the frame. Pull the motor mount out of the fitting.

4. Place the new motor mount into the fitting lining up the holes on the new motor mount with the holes on the frame and the engine.

5. Insert the securing bolt and tighten using the ratchet set. Remove the car jack from under the engine. Remove the motorcycle jack out from underneath the Harley FLH.