Change A Harleydavidson Softail Gas Tank

The popular Harley-Davidson Softail model has a durable gas tank, but exposure to extreme weather conditions can cause leaks or other malfunctions. If you notice your fuel level falling too fast while driving, you need to replace the gas tank. Rather than taking your Softail to the shop to have a new tank installed, you can do the job yourself right at home. You can purchase a new Softail tank at your local Harley dealer or an auto parts store.


1. Disconnect your Softail‘s battery by removing the cable from the battery terminal. Locate the fuel valve and switch it to the “Off” position.

2. Locate the carburetor and the fuel line that runs from it to the fuel tank. Disconnect the fuel line from the fuel tank, but leave it attached to the carburetor to prevent any contamination.

3. Remove all the bolts that secure the seat to your Softail. Make sure to remove the main seat bolt that is located under the front of the seat. After you have removed all of the seat-mounting bolts, pull the seat off the motorcycle to give you access to the gas tank.

4. Remove the bolts that secure the gas tank to the body of the bike. These bolts run all along the perimeter of the tank. Carefully lift the tank out to avoid spilling any fuel.

5. Install the new tank in place of the old one and secure it with bolts along its perimeter. Reattach the seat to the Softail and secure it with the mounting bolts.

6. Connect the fuel line to the new tank. Turn the fuel valve back to the “On” position and reconnect the battery cable.