Change A Headlight On A Harley

Harley-Davidson headlights are simple to replace.

If the headlight on your Harley-Davidson motorcycle burns out, a new one headlight can be purchased and replaced right in the parking lot. The replacement doesn’t require a high degree of do-it-yourself skilll–all it takes are a screwdriver, steady hands and a few items that should be in the Harley’s bags.


1. Remove the chrome retaining ring from the bad headlight. This should just pop straight off with just a little force.

2. Remove the two or three retaining screws on the headlight, using the screwdriver. Set them aside for use with the new headlight.

3. Wriggle the headlight out of its housing. Do this carefully, using a downward motion. Pull until the plug in the back is visible.

4. Grasp the three-pronged plug with the needle-nose pliers, and carefully unplug it from the headlight.

5. Remove the new headlight from its packaging with gloved hands. Wipe any dust or package particles with a clean cloth.

6. Plug the new headlight into the three-pronged plug. Use the needle-nose pliers if necessary. Do not damage the plug.

7. Slide the new bulb back into the housing once the connection is secure. Put the screws back in place.

8. Turn on the new headlight and check that it is aligned. Adjust the alignment so the beam shines slightly down.

9. Replace the chrome retaining ring. Shine the chrome and wipe the new bulb one more time.