Change A Motorcycle Tire

It’s harder to change a motorcycle tire for the first time than it is to change a car tire for the first time, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. To be successful, make sure you have the right tools and take the time to follow instructions.


Remove the Old Tire

1. Gather the tools you need to change your motorcycle tire. Without the right tools, this job is next to impossible. You can usually get the tools you need at a motorcycle shop or auto supply store.

2. Deflate the old tire completely using the valve core tool. Hold onto the tool tightly because the air will come out strongly.

3. Mark the rim with a pencil to show which direction the wheel rotates.

4. Break the bead away from the rim using the bead breaker tool. This can either be easy or require a lot of manual force. You should hear a pop when the bead is broken.

5. Flip the tire over and break the bead on the other side.

6. Spray the silicone lubricant on both sides of the tire beads.

7. Insert tire irons under the tire and the rim to pry the tire off the rim. You will have to use multiple tire irons strategically placed around the tire.

8. Remove the other side of the tire from the rim. If the tire is sufficiently lubricated, you may be able to push the tire off without prying it. Some leverage may be necessary.

Install the New Tire

9. Lubricate the sidewalls of the new tire.

10. Match up the rotation mark you made on the rim with the one on the new tire. Make sure you put the tire on in the right direction.

11. Put the new tire on the rim firmly. You have to finesse it to get the edge down over the lip of the rim, and you may need to use a tire iron to finish the job. Once on, line up the valve stem where it belongs.

12. Use the air compressor to add a small amount of air to the tire.

13. Insert the tire bead into the wheel rim carefully using the Breezer tire tool. To do this, you must keep rotating the tire and work on opposite sides back and forth. This takes a lot of patience and time.

14. Inflate the tire to the recommended psi to finish.