Change Gears On A Yamaha V Star 650

The Yamaha V-Star 650 is a beautiful bike. It is styled after the Harley Davidson Fatboy bikes with some added visual flair. If you are interested in learning to ride a Yamaha V-Star 650, the first thing you need to know do is change gears. This can be tricky at first, but once you get it down, it will become second nature. Here I will outline the proper way to shift your new Yamaha V-Star 650 in steps.


1. The gears on a motorcycle run in this order: first, neutral, second, third, fourth and fifth. When you are moving, shifting up from first gear will skip over neutral and shift you right into second gear. The only time that shifting up from first will get you into neutral is when you are not moving.

2. Pull in the clutch lever and tap the gear lever down until it stops. This will signify first gear. Pressing the gear lever down will shift you down one step and pressing it up will shift up one step.

3. Tap the gear lever up one click while still holding in the clutch. This will put the bike into neutral.

4. Start the bike. The bike needs to be in neutral to start.

5. Hold in the clutch lever and tap the shifting lever down to shift to first gear.

6. Release the clutch slowly and give it just enough gas to get moving.

7. Listen to the motor to know when you need to shift. If the engine is making a low grumbling noise, then it will need to be shifted down. If it is making a high squealing noise, then it needs to be shifted up.