Change Google Chrome Themes

A browser is the basic platform for using the Internet, and much of the time you spend on your computer, you’re using a browser. After a while you might get bored with the default browser theme and try to download new themes. With Google Chrome you can change the look of your browser every day with a few simple steps. Chrome has many themes available in its theme gallery.


1. Open your Google Chrome browser and click the “Settings” icon in the top right corner. Choose “Options” in the menu. Click the “Personal Stuff” tab on the dialog box that appears and click the “Get Themes” button.

2. Select the theme that you want to apply to your Google Chrome browser. Click “Apply Theme” to start downloading the theme. Specify the destination directory.

3. Navigate to the destination directory you specified in Step 2 and check for the downloaded Google Chrome theme file. The theme file will be similar in appearance to the Google Chrome browser icon.

4. Double-click and open the theme file to apply the new theme. Restart the browser and check whether the theme is applied.