Change Harley Switch Covers

Harley-Davidson switch covers house the switches and associated wire connectors for the handlebar mounted controls. The covers are two-part aluminum castings with rubber seals that protect the switches and prevent water damage. Swapping out the stock covers for chrome or engraved ones will add to the aesthetic value of the vehicle.


1. Cover the fuel tank with a layer of clean shop rags. Remove the Allen (or Torx) screws that clamp the two parts of the switch housing together. Lower the back of the cover and set it aside. Lift the front of the cover away from the handlebars.

2. Remove the screws that mount the switches into the front cover. Slide the switches off of their locating studs in the front cover.

3. Slide the switches onto their locating studs in the new front cover and re-install the switch screws. Do not over-torque them or the aluminum threads will be stripped, thus ruining the new cover.

4. Place the new front switch cover onto the handlebar. Nest the lip on the edge of the handlebar grip into the recess inside the switch housing. Place the rubber seal into its groove in the back cover half. Bundle the switch wires tightly together with finger pressure then slip the back cover into place. Lead the wires through the relief notch in the back cover to avoid pinching the wires during re-assembly. Push the back cover fully into place. Install the switch cover bolts and tighten them to factory specifications.