Change Iphone Battery Theme

Change iPhone Battery Theme

When an iPhone is charging or syncing to your personal computer, a green battery graphic displays to show your iPhone power level. To customize this battery screen, download a theme from the Cydia store. The Cydia store is the third-party application store for jailbroken iPhones. To change your iPhone battery theme, you need to install the Winterboard application. Once Winterboard is installed, you can download themes from the Cydia store.


1. Open the “Cydia” application on your iPhone. Press the “Sections” icon.

2. Scroll down and choose the “Themes (Battery)” folder.

3. Choose a battery theme from the list. Press the theme name to open the theme overview page. Scroll down and press the “More Info” or the “Screenshots” button to preview the battery theme.

4. Return to the theme overview screen. Press the “Install” button.

5. Open the “Settings” application on your iPhone.

6. Press the “Winterboard” option. A list of all your installed themes appears. Press the battery theme you just installed. A check mark appears next to the theme. Press the three line icon to the right of the battery theme to move it up on the priority list. This overrides any complete theme packages you may have installed.

7. Press the “Respring” button to apply changes and restart your device.