Change Oil In A 1995 Harleydavidson Dyna Lowrider

Oil changes should be performed every 1,500 miles.

A fresh supply of motor oil is a key element in keeping a1995 Harley-Davidson Dyna Lowrider roadworthy. Oil changes should be performed regularly, preferably in 1,500-mile increments, to ensure that the motorcycle’s oil is fresh and free of debris and other contaminants. The task is fairly simple but it can be slow the first few times you do it. Expect to spend at least 30 minutes changing the motor oil, but allow for more to allow you to take your time until you are comfortable with the procedure.


1. Place a piece of wood on the floor and lower the motorcycle’s kick stand onto it. This will allow the motorcycle to be positioned as vertically as possible. Start the motor and warm it up for three minutes. Stop the motor and turn off the ignition switch.

2. Unscrew the filler cap from the right side of the oil tank. Locate the oil drain hose on the bottom of the oil tank and follow it to the drain plug on the bottom-left side of the frame. Loosen the drain hose clamp with a flat screwdriver and pull the hose off the frame’s drain plug. Drain the oil into a large container. Push the drain hose onto the frame’s drain plug and tighten the hose clamp with a flat screwdriver.

3. Unscrew the round oil filter from the front of the motor with a filter wrench and discard it. Pour a small amount of 20W40 motor oil into the oil filter. Coat the oil filter’s O-ring with a thin layer of oil. Screw the oil filter onto the motor’s crankcase by hand until it is just touching the crankcase. Tighten the oil filter an additional half of a turn by hand to seal the oil filter.

4. Pour 2.5 qts. of 20W50 motor oil into the oil tank and screw the filler cap into place.

5. Start the motor and check for leaks at the oil drain hose and the oil filter. Tighten the drain hose’s clamp or the oil filter if oil begins to seep out of either component. Stop the motor.

6. Unscrew the oil tank’s filler cap. Wipe the filler cap’s dipstick clean with a rag and reinsert the filler cap and dipstick completely into the oil tank. Remove the filler cap to check the oil tank’s oil level. Add oil to raise the oil level until it reaches the upper mark on the dipstick. Screw the filler cap into place. Lift the motorcycle off its kick stand and remove the piece of wood. Lower the motorcycle onto the kick stand.