Change Safe Combinations

Changing a safe combination is a straightforward process.

High-quality safes are fitted with a combination “change key” slot on the lock housing located inside the safe. The dial of such a safe is marked with an inward-pointing arrow at the 12-o’clock position on the rim of the combination dial. This is the “open index” mark used for normal operation. There is a straight, inward-pointing mark situated either at the 11-o’clock or the 1-o’clock position on the rim of the dial. This is the “change index” reference mark used when changing the safe combination.


1. Open the safe and turn the handle to lock the door in the open position. Spin the dial to scramble the lock.

2. Unlock the open safe door, using the standard procedure. Slow down when the third number of the combination approaches the 95th mark. Stop when the number is opposite the open index arrow. This will activate the opening mechanism and retract the lock bolts.

3. Insert the change-lock key into the change-lock slot situated on lock housing inside the door. Turn the key a quarter turn counterclockwise. This will delete the old combination and set the lock mechanism into the neutral position.

4. Spin the dial counterclockwise three revolutions past the open index mark. Slow down on the fourth turn when the first new combination number approaches the change index mark. Turn the dial slowly until they are both perfectly aligned. Please note: The first combination number must be greater than 25.

5. Turn the dial clockwise two turns past the change index mark. Continue turning and slow down when the second new combination number approaches the change index mark. Align as described in Step 4.

6. Reverse directions and turn the dial clockwise once. Continue past the change index mark a second revolution until the third number of the new combination approaches the change index mark. Align the third number as describe above.

7. Leave the dial with the third number lined up with the change index mark. Set the new combination by turning the change key clockwise a quarter turn. Remove the key.

8. Leave the door open and practice locking and opening the door several times before closing and locking the safe. Commit the new combination to memory without writing it down or recording it in your computer.