Change The Choke Cable On A Harley Davidson Sportster 883

The enrichener (choke) provides essential fuel at start-up.

When open, the fuel enrichener (choke) feeds fuel into the float bowl of the carburetor. Air entering the carburetor creates a vacuum that takes the fuel past the enrichener into the throat of the carburetor. The fuel enrichener should open, remain open, and close without binding. A plastic nut next to the enrichener knob controls the sliding resistance of the enrichener control cable (choke cable) within the cable conduit. The enrichener knob is located next to the ignition switch.


1. Loosen the hex nut at the back side of the mounting bracket.

2. Move the cable assembly free of the slot in the mounting bracket.

3. Follow the cable to where it is connected to the left side of the carburetor. Turn the cable sealing cap counterclockwise to remove it. Inside the carburetor are a spring and the enrichener valve. Remove and replace them if needed. Note: the spring and enrichener valve may stay connected to the cable assembly when removed.

4. Follow the steps in reverse order to install the new enrichener cable.