Change The Clutch Cable In An Evolution Sportster

The clutch cable on a Harley-Davidson Evolution Sportster runs from the hand clutch lever to the outer primary, located on the lower left-hand side of the motorcycle. You utilize the clutch cable when you pull on the clutch lever to shift gears. Replacement is not common but at times necessary. For example, consider replacement if you experience trouble shifting or if the clutch cable does not engage the transmission properly.


1. Slide the rubber boot on the upper end of the clutch cable away from the cable adjuster. Hold the cable adjuster with a wrench while loosening the jam nut under the rubber boot with another wrench. Move the cable adjuster toward the jam nut to allow play in the clutch hand lever.

2. Move to the outer primary of the motorcycle. Remove the four screws holding the clutch plate in place with a Torx wrench. Remove the spring directly behind the clutch plate and the adjusting screw it surrounds, by hand.

3. Remove the adjusting screw by turning it clockwise with a wrench, releasing the ramp and coupling mechanism connected to it. Remove the cable end by hand by releasing it from underneath the outer ramp hook. Turn the cable end counterclockwise to completely remove the end of the cable from the outer primary. Remove the o-ring from the end of the cable fitting.

4. Move to the hand clutch portion of the clutch cable and remove the retaining clip and pivot pin, located on the bottom side of the clutch lever bracket. Remove the clutch lever from the lever bracket by hand once you remove the retaining clip and pivot pin.

5. Remove the clutch cable pin — located in the hand lever — holding the upper section of the clutch cable in place. Disconnect the upper section of the clutch cable from the clutch lever by hand once the clutch cable pin is removed.

6. Move back to the outer primary of the motorcycle and install the o-ring onto the new cable fitting. Turn the cable fitting clockwise to tighten it by hand.

7. Reinstall the cable end underneath the ramp hook. Tighten the adjusting screw counterclockwise with a wrench to tighten the ramp and coupling mechanism in place.

8. Reinstall the nut in place over the lock plate with a wrench. Reinstall the spring and replace the adjusting screw. Tighten the screw with a wrench.

9. Replace the clutch inspection cover, then fasten it in place with the four screws and a Torx wrench.

10. Move to the hand clutch portion of the motorcycle and reinstall the new clutch cable upper section to the hand lever. The cable runs from the outer primary along the left side of the frame to the hand clutch lever. Replace the clutch cable pin into the hand lever. Reinstall the clutch lever onto the bracket, and the pivot and retaining rings to the bottom of the clutch bracket to secure the clutch lever.

11. Turn the cable adjuster clockwise away from the jam nut until you eliminate all but 1/8 inch free play in the cable.