Change The Clutch Lever On A Harley

Change the Clutch Lever on a Harley

Whether you are putting the final touches on your custom Harley-Davidson or repairing damaged parts, replacing the clutch lever is a fairly simple affair. With a staggering array of levers available from the Harley-Davidson Motor Company, not to mention other aftermarket companies, selecting the style of your new levers can be harder than the actual installation process. As always, refer to a service manual specific to your model for in-depth removal details, adjustment instructions and other requirements.


1. Park the motorcycle on a smooth, level surface and place the ignition switch in the “Off” position. Turn the handlebars to the right until the handlebars rest against the fork stop to provide better access to the clutch lever and perch.

2. Locate the cable adjuster at the middle of the clutch cable and twist clockwise until the adjuster is seated against the cable sleeve. This will loosen the cable and place the clutch lever at its loosest point.

3. Remove the anti-rattle screw and clip from the bottom of the clutch lever perch using a Phillips head screwdriver. Place these aside for re-installation.

4. Locate the retaining ring that secures the clutch lever pivot pin to the perch and remove it with a retaining ring pliers or needle nose pliers. Set the ring aside and push the pivot pin upwards until it can be removed.

5. Pull the lever out of the perch. At this point, the lever will be attached only to the clutch cable. Push out the cable anchor pin to release the clutch cable from the lever.

6. Insert the clutch cable into the new clutch lever and secure it in place with the anchor pin.

7. Insert the lever into the perch and secure it in place by sliding the pivot pin into place. Attach the retaining ring to the underside of the pivot pin.

8. Replace the anti-rattle clip and screw, tightening them with a Phillips head screwdriver.

9. Twist the mid-cable adjuster counterclockwise to tighten the slack in the cable, leaving 1/16 inch to 1/8 inch of slack at the clutch lever. Pull and release the clutch lever to ensure that the cable is moving properly within the cable sleeve.