Change The Drive Belt On A Softail Deuce

Deuce is a trim level for the Harley soft tail Screaming Eagle Sportster models. The Deuce uses a Kevlar belt drive as the final drive instead of a chain. The process for changing a belt drive is different than popping a chain link off a chain. It requires the removal of the transmission cover, shock and brakes. This makes the process relatively difficult.


1. Place a jack stand under the frame of the Harley to support the vehicle and to lift the rear tire off the ground.

2. Locate the two bolts that secure the brake caliper to the right side of the motorcycle frame. Remove the bolts using an Allen wrench and pull the brake caliper off the brake rotor.

3. Loosen the axle nuts that secure the rear axle to the motorcycle frame using a socket and ratchet. Do not remove the axle nuts at this time just loosen them.

4. Locate the drive belt adjuster bolts next to the axle nuts on both sides of the Deuce. Turn each nut equal turns counterclockwise using a docket and ratchet.

5. Push the rear wheel forward to release tension on the drive belt. Pull the drive belt off the rear pulley.

6. Remove the axle nuts and drive the axle out of the wheel using a rubber mallet. Remove the rear wheel from the motorcycle.

7. Remove the bolts that secure the left shock absorber to the swing arm using a socket and ratchet.

8. Remove the bolts that secures the transmission cover onto the left side of the transmission using an Allen wrench. Remove the cover and expose the front drive belt pulley.

9. Slide the belt off the front pulley, lift the shock absorber up and pull the belt out of the back of the transmission.

10. Slide the new belt through the back of the transmission while holding up the shock absorber.

11. Place the belt over the front pulley.

12. Secure the shock absorber to the swing arm using the bolts, socket and ratchet.

13. Place the wheel against the motorcycle frame; place the belt over the rear pulley and drive the axle back into the wheel. Thread the axle nuts onto the ends of the axle. Do not tighten them.

14. Turn the belt adjustor nuts equal turns clockwise to tighten up the belt.

15. Rotate the tire to make sure the wheel turns straight and the belt rides correctly on both the front and back pulleys.

16. Place the cover back onto the transmission and secure it into place using the Allen bolts and Allen wrench.

17.Place the brake caliper onto the brake rotor and secure it using the bolts and Allen wrench.