Change The Icon Size On A Macintosh Computer

Whether you’re looking to increase space on your desktop for more icons or enlarge icons so they’re easier to see, the Macintosh computer gives you the ability to change the size of icons on the desktop, regardless of screen resolution.


The Desktop

1. Quit or minimize any software applications that are currently running on your machine, and close all open windows as well.

2. Select and click on the “View” option from the menu bar along the top of the screen. The word “View” will highlight, and a menu will drop down.

3. Move the mouse to “View Options.” Click once. The “View Options” item is the last item in the “View” list. A new window will open that reads “Desktop” across the top.

4. Use the slider under the words “Icon Size” to change the size of the icons on the desktop. As you move the slider, the icons will change size so it’s possible to visually select the size that works best. When the icons are the right size, close the window.

All Other Folders

5. Double-click on the hard drive icon on the desktop. This will open a window so the icon size can be changed in the windows of the Macintosh.

6. Choose the “View” option from the top of the screen again. The menu will drop down again.

7. Move the mouse down to “View Options.” Click once. A window will open with the name of active folder at the top. If the hard drive is open and is named “Macintosh Hard Disk,” that is the name that will appear along the top of the window.

8. Click the button next to “This window only” or “All windows,” depending on what the desired result is. If all icons in every folder need to be changed, select “All windows.” If only the icons in the active folder need to be changed, select “This window only.”

9. Use the slider to select the size of the icons. The icons will change size as the slider is moved so that the correct size can be selected visually. Close the “View Options” window when you are done.