Change The Oil In A Harley Heritage

A Heritage Harley-Davidson is a heavyweight, twin cam motorcycle with three oil compartments. To prolong your Harley’s engine life, you need to change the oil routinely. Oil changes should be done while the motorcycle is in an upright position, leaning on its side stand.


1. Start the motorcycle and let it run for several minutes and then shut it off (this will allow the oil to flow faster). Use a flat wrench, simple trap wrench or ratchet wrench to remove the oil filter.

2. Put a larger drip pan under the Harley’s oil filter hole to catch all the oil that flows out of the oil tank filter hole.

3. Locate your motorcycle’s oil tank at the bottom near the transmission.

4. Remove the drain plug from the front of the oil tank using a socket wrench, preferably while the engine is warm. Be careful that you don’t get burned by hot oil.

5. Allow the used oil to run freely and pour squarely into the drip pans. Remove the filter sticks to improve the flow. Let the used oil drain out completely.

6. Install a new ten-micron filter by hand, screwing it on tightly into the filter hole.

7. Refill your Harley‘s oil tank with new oil according to the amount and level stated in your owner’s manual (around one quart).

8. Test-drive your Heritage Harley-Davidson to check the performance of its engine upon oil replacement. Check your oil level and add more lubricant oil as needed.