Change The Oil In A Harleydavidson Softail

Harleys equipped with the Softail suspension design share the same oil change process as other Harleys. Changing your Harley-Davidson’s engine oil is an important step to ensuring a healthy and long engine life. Performing a change at regular intervals, between 3,000 to 5000 miles, can go a long way in extending your engine’s fuel efficiency and longevity. The procedure is relatively simple and requires just a few tools and about a half hour of time.


1. Turn on your motorcycle’s engine and warm it up to operating temperature. Doing so will heat up the oil and increase its viscosity so it will drain at a faster pace.

2. Turn off your Harley and mount it on a center stand.

3. Use a 1/4-inch socket to loosen the clamp at the end of the oil tank’s drain hose.

4. Position an oil drain pan underneath the drain hose and remove the plug at the end of the hose to drain the oil.

5. Replace the drain hose plug and tighten the clamp once the oil has finished draining.

6. Remove the oil filler cap at the top of your Harley and insert a plastic funnel.

7. Pour 3 quarts of new oil into the funnel then replace the oil filler cap when complete.

8. Remove your motorcycle from the center stand, turn on the engine and lightly rev it for a few minutes, while in neutral, to allow the new oil to circulate through the motorcycle’s engine.