Change The Oil On A 2001 Harley Ultra

Changing the oil regularly on your Harley Ultra will keep it running smooth.

The Harley Davidson name is synonymous with tough, built-to-last American craftsmanship. While it’s built to hang tough, your 2001 Harley Ultra does need regularly scheduled maintenance to maintain optimum performance efficiency. Part of that maintenance requires changing your oil once every 3,000 miles. Fresh oil and new oil filter can be purchased from your local auto parts store for about $20 as of 2010, depending on where you live. It will take you about 15 to 20 minutes to change the oil on your Harley Ultra.


1. Place the oil drain pan under your Harley‘s oil drain plug. Remove the Harley’s oil fill cap by twisting it off by hand. Remove the oil drain plug with a socket set. Allow the oil to fully drain out. Replace the oil drain plug.

2. Remove your Harley Ultra’s seat to access the oil filter. Remove the oil filter cylinder lid and take the cylinder out. Remove the cylinder cap’s clip with needle-nose pliers and then remove the oil filter.

3. Slide the new filter into the cylinder and then replace the cap and clip. Slide the cylinder back into its housing and then replace the cylinder housing lid. Replace your Harley’s seat.

4. Refill your engine with fresh oil. Your Harley Ultra will take three quarts of 20W50 motor oil.