Change The Power Supply In A Samsung Hd Tv

Samsung has a line of high definition (HD) TVs that fit the needs and desires of just about any consumer. With a variety of sizes offered at multiple retail prices, finding the right HD TV within your budget is relatively easy. However, Samsung TVs have a high failure rate with the power supply. If you start to notice a disruptive picture quality or extended power on time, you may need to change the power supply. The power capacitors inside the TV have likely blown, therefore desoldering the blown parts and soldering in replacements should eradicate this problem.


1. Set your Samsung HD TV down on a flat surface, face down, to remove all of the rear panels. This will give you easy access to the motherboard of the television, the main circuit board where each of the capacitors are attached. If you have an oval-like base on your Samsung, you may wish to remove this piece first to make this activity easier.

2. Unscrew each of the tiny screws that hold the rear panel to the television. Set these screws aside because you will need each one after you have replaced the broken capacitors. Remove the rear panel from the TV and set it aside as well.

3. Locate each of the capacitors that are soldered into the motherboard of your Samsung television. Most capacitors are clumped together in groups of four, located near the top right of your TV. Inspect each of these capacitors for brownish hues on the top portion. This represents a blown capacitor and weakened power supply.

4. Remove all of the connecting wires to the capacitor circuit board to halt the electrical flow between these surface-mounted components. Push the wires aside and out of the way, giving you easy access to the circuit board.

5. Unscrew each of the bolts that hold the circuit board with capacitors to the rear of the TV. Carefully lift this piece away from the TV and set on a flat surface, assisting you greatly in the desoldering and soldering process. Place a towel underneath to maximize the safety of this circuit board during this activity.

6. Apply a bit of flux gel around each of the affected capacitors to loosen the connection from these units. Add solder to the soldering iron and hold each of the capacitors with a pair of pliers. Connect the soldering iron to the base of each capacitor until each piece has been properly removed. Remove any excess buildup on the circuit board with flux gel.

7. Place each of the new capacitors onto the circuit board, ensuring that the positive and negative connections line up perfectly with their intended holes. Apply a bit of flux gel to ease the transition and add solder to the iron. Hold the hot iron to the circuit board to attach each of the capacitors.

8. Reattach all of the parts, such as circuit board, wires and panels, you removed to access these capacitors. Set the TV back on its stand and power this device on to ensure a clean installation of the new parts.