Change The Rear Drive Belt In A 2003 Road King

The final drive belt on the 2003 Harley-Davidson Road King is made of Kevlar. It will last upwards of 50,000 miles unless damaged by a rock thrown into the wheel pulley. If your Road King has surpassed 50,000 miles or damage has occurred on the belt, you need to change it to prevent the belt from breaking. If it does break, your Road King will not go anywhere.


1. Raise the rear wheel of the Road King off the ground by placing it on a motorcycle jack stand or on a motorcycle lift with a rear wheel cut out.

2. Remove the two Allen bolts that hold the rear brake caliper onto the Road King’s frame. Use an Allen wrench to remove the bolts.

3. Pull the caliper off the rotor and suspend it from the frame using wire ties.

4. Loosen the axle nuts on both side of the rear axle with a wrench. Do not remove the axle nuts or axle at this time.

5. Turn both final drive adjustment bolts counterclockwise with a wrench. Slide the rear wheel forward and remove the drive belt from the rear wheel pulley.

6. Remove the axle nuts and axle and remove the rear wheel from the swing arm.

7. Remove the transmission cover located on the left side of the Road King with an Allen wrench. This exposes the front of the drive belt and the transmission pulley.

8. Pull the drive belt off the front pulley and slide it out thorough the rear of the transmission.

9. Slide the new belt into the rear of the transmission and place the drive belt over the transmission pulley.

10. Place the rear wheel into the swing arm, place the drive belt over the wheel pulley, slide the axle through the rear wheel and thread the axle nuts onto the axle. Do not tighten the nuts at this point.

11. Turn the drive belt adjuster bolts clockwise with a wrench to tighten the belt. Tighten the axle nuts with the wrench.

12. Place the brake caliper onto the rotor and secure it to the frame using the Allen bolts and the Allen wrench. Place the cover onto the transmission and secure it using the Allen bolts and Allen wrench.