Change The Rear Tire On A Harley Rocker

Change the Rear Tire on a Harley Rocker

Changing the rear tire on your Harley Rocker is a job that you must do as soon as you see the tread wearing out on the tire. If you rear tire blows out while you’re riding down the road, you risk having a serious crash that can damage your Harley and injure you. Changing the tire takes about an hour to complete.


1. Lift the rear end of the Harley up and onto a bike stand. Have a friend help you lift the Harley onto the bike stand if the Harley is too heavy for you to lift by yourself.

2. Remove the nut that is securing the rear axle in place using the wrench. Set the nut aside and push the rear wheel toward the engine. Pull the chain off the rear sprocket. Hammer the axle out of the axle hole securing the rear tire to the frame. Pull the rear tire off the frame.

3. Slide the pry bar between the tire and the rim. Lift up on the pry bar, popping the tire off the rim. Do this all the way around the rim and tire until you completely remove the tire from the rim.

4. Place the new rear tire over the rim and press down on the tire until the tire pops onto the rim. Slide the pry bar between the rim and the tire and pull up until the tire’s lip gets onto the rim. Slide the inner tube between the tire and the rim, placing the air valve through the air valve hole on the rim, and put the cap onto the air valve to stop the air valve from coming out of the hole.

5. Slide the pry bar between the tire and the rim again. Lift up on the pry bar to secure the tire completely onto the rim. Do this all the way around the tire so that the tire is completely on the rim.

6. Place the back tire onto the frame and hammer the axle back into the axle hole on the wheel, securing the tire to the frame. Push the tire toward the engine and replace the chain. Pull the tire away from the engine to tighten the chain and replace the nut. Tighten the nut with the wrench.