Change The Rims On A Harleydavidson Motorcycle

With all the types of Harley Davidson Motorcycles out there, there are different sized tires for them and different ways to work with the bike rims. If the rims are three-inch on the front and four-inch on the back, the beading can be broken with muscle power. Larger rims with wider tires need a hydraulic tire breaking machine. These steps will help you change rims on a Harley.


1. Use a floor jack to lift the Harley Davidson motorcycle off the floor, or place the motorcycle on a motorcycle stand. Remove rim and tire.

2. Deflate tire by pressing on the valve. Use a valve key to remove the valve core.

3. Place tire on cardboard to keep the rim from being damaged. Use the heel of a shoe close to the rim and push down to force the tire into the rim well. Turn the tire over and repeat.

4. Squeeze both sides of the tire together, then slide a tire lever between the tire and the rim. Hold the first lever down with your knee, placing another lever 3 to 4 inches from the first lever. Remove the first lever, then slide the second lever around the tire until it comes off the rim.

5. Put lubricant around both sides of the new tire to help it fit on the new rim. Put the rim at the bottom of the new tire. Holding the rim with your foot, slide, pull and push one side of the tire onto the rim.

6. Pull the lip of the tire over the rim, alternating from left to right so that the last part of the lip that goes over is at the valve. Push the valve back into the rim to prevent it from being trapped.

7. Inflate the tire until the sidewalls seat on the rim. Use the valve key to put the valve core back in the valve stem. Balance the tire before putting it back on the motorcycle.