Change The Tail Light On A Harley Vrod

Ultimate Motorcycling Magazine reports that other vehicles are involved in almost half of motorcycle accidents, and many cases are due to the driver of the automobile failing to see the motorcyclist. An easy way to increase a motorcycle’s visibility to other drivers is to ensure the lights on your Harley Davidson V-Rod are functioning. The taillight on the V-Rod uses the1157 bulb and is easily accessed from beneath the rear fender area.


1. Park your Harley V-Rod and support it in a secure location.

2. Locate the hole beneath the rear fender, right near the license plate mount. Insert a Phillips screwdriver into the hole and push up, pushing on the release tab inside the hole.

3. Pull the taillight assembly up and forward, out of the mounting area on the rear of the bike, while pushing the release tab.

4. Pull the taillight bulb straight out of the assembly and disconnect the wiring harness by pulling the connector straight off. Connect the wiring harness to the new bulb by pressing it into place until it clicks.

5. Insert the bulb into the taillight assembly. Align the taillight assembly in the mounting area and push it into place until it clicks. Use care not to scratch the rear fender.