Change Transmission Fluid On A Sportster

Harley motorcycles

The transmission fluid in the Harley Sportster keeps the inside of the transmission lubricated. To maintain a properly working transmission, you need to change the transmission fluid every 5,000 miles. the transmission is located behind the engine in front of the rear tire. You will have to remove a metal plug on the bottom of the transmission to drain the transmission fluid. The transmission pour valve is located on the side of the engine.


1. Run the engine to warm up the transmission. Look under the frame and locate the transmission plug. Once the engine and transmission are warm, turn off the Sportster.

2. Place the drain pan under the transmission. Use the ratchet set to remove the metal plug on the transmission and let the transmission fluid drain out of the transmission.

3. Replace the transmission plug. Tighten the plug using the ratchet set.

4. Twist off the transmission cap on the side of the transmission. Insert the funnel into the pour hole. Pour the recommended type and amount of transmission fluid found in the owners manual into the transmission and replace the cap.