Change Visors On A Nolan Flipup Helmet

Change Visors on a Nolan Flip-Up Helmet

Nolan is a respected manufacturer of the flip-up motorcycle helmet. The flip-up is a hybrid design that blends the best of a full face helmet with an open face design. The front visor of the helmet “flips-up” out of the way when the rider does not desire full face protection. You can change the visor on a Nolan Flip-up helmet without tools, but you will need to remove the sun shield first.


1. Raise the sun shield on your Nolan flip-up helmet.

2. Pull the two latches under each pivot mechanism on each side of the helmet to the forward position (toward the face of the helmet). Pull the sun shield off the helmet, note the slot on each pivot that the end of the sun shield was pulled from.

3. Remove the pivot mechanism covers by prying the spring pin out of the side of each of the covers and then pulling the cover off. Be very careful not to lose the pin as it is necessary for the mechanism to work.

4. Grab the visor in the middle and pull it off the helmet.

5. Place your new visor into position with the pivot ends lined up with the slots in the pivot mechanism (that you just pulled the old visor from). Push on each side of the visor until it snaps into the mechanism.

6. Put the pivot mechanism covers back on the pivot being careful to make sure the pin holes are aligned. Push the cover into place over the mechanism and inset the spring pin. The spring pin will lock into place when you push it in.

7. Re-attach the sun shield by sliding the ends into the slots for this shield on the pivot and pushing the locking latch under each pivot to the rear of the helmet.