Charge A Battery For A Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Charge a Battery for a Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Motorcycle batteries are notorious for losing their charge. The batteries in Harley Davidsons are at times subjected to high operating temperatures under normal riding conditions. Conversely, motorcycles may remain unused for months at a time during colder months. These extremes, coupled with the smaller size of motorcycle batteries, can cause them lose their charge. Fortunately, batteries are relatively easy to charge.


1. Move your motorcycle onto a level surface and ensure that it is stable. Turn off the motorcycle and ensure that the Off/Run switch is in the “Off” position. Put on your safety goggles.

2. Gain access to the battery compartment by removing the passenger and rider’s seats. Remove the bolt behind the passenger seat and separate the seat from the motorcycle. Then remove the two bolts behind the rider’s seat and gently pull the seat backwards to unseat it from the mount and away from the motorcycle. On newer models these bolts are designed to be removed with your fingers although, depending on the bike and options, you may need to use an open-ended box wrench or a socket wrench.

3. Disconnect the negative battery cable and wrap it with a shop towel. Repeat this procedure with the positive cable. Disconnect any straps or clamps holding the battery in place and carefully remove the battery from the battery box.

4. Consult the labeling on your battery and in your owner’s manual to determine the electrical specifications of the battery. Adjust the settings on the battery charger to match the specifications of the battery. Connect the battery to the charger and plug the charger into a standard outlet in accordance with the instructions included with the charger.

5. Reinstall the battery after it is charged. Then replace the seats in the reverse order of removal.

6. Keep in mind that batteries do wear out over time. If you have completed the described procedures, and the battery still does not charge or hold a charge, it may be time to replace it.