Charge A Battery For A Hd Motorcycle

Most Harley-Davidson motorcycles house their batteries in one of two locations: either under the seat or within a battery box on the side of the frame. Accessing a Harley-Davidson motorcycle’s battery for a quick recharge is not complicated, however, a bit of caution is required to prevent a catastrophic short-circuit, which could harm both you and your motorcycle. This project can be completed in less than 15 minutes with a few tools and a good-quality battery charger.


1. Lift the cover off the battery box cover to access the battery on a Dyna- or Sportster-series motorcycle. For a Softail or Touring model, remove the seat to access the battery. Remove the thumb screw from the rear of the seat with a flat screwdriver. Remove the bolts on the side of the seat with a socket wrench and pull the seat off the motorcycle.

2. Pull the rubber strap off the catch tab on the battery box or tray. Disconnect the negative wire from the battery’s terminal with a Phillips screwdriver. Set the negative wire aside, away from the motorcycle’s frame and motor. Disconnect the positive wire from the battery with a Phillips screwdriver. Pull the battery out of the battery box or tray.

3. Connect the battery to a battery charger. Clip the charger’s positive wire to the battery’s positive terminal. Clip the charger’s negative wire to the battery’s negative terminal. Turn the battery charger on. Allow the battery to charge until the charger indicates a full charge. Removing the charger’s negative wire, then the positive wire from the battery.

4. Install the battery into the motorcycle’s battery box or tray. Screw the positive wire onto the battery’s positive terminal with a Phillips screwdriver. Screw the negative wire onto the battery’s negative terminal with a Phillips screwdriver.

5. Replace the battery box cover or seat, following the reverse method of removal.