Charge The Motorcycle Battery For An Electrical Harley

The batteries on an electric Harley Davidson motorcycle need to be fully charged before each ride. Both batteries are located under the seat in the same compartment. One battery powers the engine and the other battery powers all other components on the bike. You can buy the battery charger at any Harley dealership. The charging process will take about 24 hours for the engine’s battery and three hours for the other battery.


1. Park the electric Harley on a clean flat surface. Allow the engine to completely cool before proceeding.

2. Remove the bolts that secure the seat to the frame using the ratchet set. The bolt placement will be different between models but they will be along the edge of the seat in clear view.

3. Pull the seat off the frame and pull the plastic cover from the top of the battery. Plug the battery charger into an output and turn the power on.

4. Connect the red clamp to the red connector on the battery. Connect the black clamp to the black connector.

5. Turn the knob on the charger to the charge position. Allow the battey to charge over night.