Cheap Harleydavidson Gifts

Cheap Harley-Davidson Gifts

As with fans of any genre, Harley-Davidson fans love Harley-Davidson gear, and official Harley-Davidson items make good gifts. But like many other genres, official name-brand items can be expensive. Knowing what to look for and where will help you find the perfect gift for the Harley fan in your life.


A keychain for a Harley-Davidson owner or fan is something your friend will use to hold the key to the bike. A Harley-Davidson brand keychain is ideal, but any keychain can be used by a HD fan.


Harley-Davidson stickers make great gifts for motorcyclist. They be stuck on cars to tell everyone that even though the Harley owner is driving a car, he is still a Harley fan. Custom “I Love Harley” or other stickers can be made inexpensively at websites such as or

Official Harley-Davidson Attire

While your friend is riding a Harley, he can wear Harley clothes. The official Harley-Davidson Web site features Harley brand attire for less than $50.


Harley-Davidson posters let your friend show off a love of Harley at home or at the office. Posters can be found for less than $10 used on sites such as and

Vintage Harley

Harley-Davidson has been around for decades. A new or old-school Harley-Davidson fan would be happy to receive a vintage piece of merchandise. Items such as vintage patches, decals, grease guns and more can be found in good condition online at sites such as, or your local garage sale.