Check A Harleydavidson Oil Pump Valve For Leaks

Discovering if a Harley-Davidson’s oil pump valve leaks is easy.

Tracking the source of an oil leak in a motorcycle can be tough. Vibration, airflow and warmth can smear oil, making it hard to trace its path. There is an easy, inexpensive trick to find out if the Harley’s oil pump valve is leaking. All it takes is a spray of powdery aerosol deodorant. It outlines the leak’s trail and can be easily wiped off after the test is completed. Remember, taking the time to warm up a Harley can help it avoid leaks. Warm cylinders expand, increasing the pressure on the gaskets and keeping them sealed.


1. Wipe any oil off of the motorcycle.

2. Ride the motorcycle or let it warm up for a while.

3. Stop the motorcycle after oil appears on the Harley-Davidson again.

4. Spray the area of the leak with powdery aerosol deodorant.

5. Inspect the sprayed area. The oil track should be clearly visible, making it easy to pinpoint any leaks coming from the pump valve.