Check The Chain Case Oil

A chain case and the oil that it is filled with are found on many all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles. It is essentially a chain oil reservoir that constantly lubricates a drive chain that transfers power to the wheels of the vehicle. There are several types of chain cases, and each manufacturer will have a specific way to check the oil level in its chain case. But there are a couple of generic ways to check the oil that will apply to virtually all chain case applications. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Park your vehicle on a level surface. Accuracy depends on this.

2. Remove the chain case oil filler plug. On some all-terrain vehicles, there may be a small dipstick, much like an engine oil dipstick attached to the cap. Wipe it off, then reinsert the filler plug and pull it out to check the oil.

3. Check the bottom of the threads on your filler plug if there is no dipstick attached. First, wipe off the threads and reinsert the plug, then pull it out again. A full chain case of oil will leave a bit of chain oil on the bottom thread.

4. Measure approximately 1 inch down on a piece of wire and make a slight bend to act as a mark. Insert this into the filler plug hole and stop when the bent mark reaches the bottom of the filler hole. This wire will be used as a dipstick, and you will be able to see if there is any oil on the bottom 1 inch of the wire.

5. If any of the above methods show that your chain case oil is low, add chain oil as needed.