Check The Oil Level On A Harley Dipstick

To get an accurate reading on the oil level, your motorcycle engine must be warm.

Checking the oil regularly on your Harley-Davidson is the most important part of prolonging the life of your motorcycle’s engine. The engine oil is responsible for lubricating and cooling the engine to keep it running optimally. Check your oil frequently to ensure that it is at the proper level and change the oil as recommended by the manufacturer. Always use the proper oil for your particular model and the conditions in which you typically drive.


1. Start your Harley-Davidson and let it idle for one to two minutes, until the engine is warm.

2. Turn your motorcycle off and place it on the center stand or have a friend hold it level for you. Some motorcycles can rest on their jiffy stand when you check the oil, so verify with your owner’s manual which way is recommended for your Harley model.

3. Unscrew the oil cap with the dipstick attached.

4. Wipe the dipstick clean using an old rag or paper towel.

5. Insert the dipstick fully back into the oil tank. Remove the dipstick and check to see where the oil level registers. The oil should be between the two lines that register low and high levels. If it rests at or below the bottom (low) line, more oil is needed.