Check The Oil On A 2009 Harley Road King

Checking the oil on a 2009 Harley Road King requires you to find the bike’s dipstick.

Checking the oil on a 2009 Harley Road King is an essential maintenance procedure required to ensure that your bike’s engine is running with proper fluid levels. Knowing not just complete the process, but what to look for while checking the oil allows you to determine if your Road King only needs oil added to its oil pan, or if it must have its oil changed.


1. Find the Road King’s oil pan dipstick. For a 2009 Road King, the dipstick is on the right hand side of the bike, spaced about two to three inches under the front part of the seat and about three to four inches above the exhaust pipe. The oil pan for the Road King is on the bottom of the bike, and the dipstick is positioned so that its tip hits the bottom of the pan, indicating to you exactly how much oil is in the bike.

2. Pull the dipstick from the bike in one fluid motion. Do not splatter the tip of the dipstick against any part of your Road King or body because this will change your ability to read the oil level.

3. Hold the dipstick against a white cloth or paper towel to check elements of the oil such as its coloration, level and viscosity.

4. Check the oil’s coloration. Brand new oil is amber in color and transparent. Old oil is black and opaque. Ideally, your engine should be filled with oil that is closer in color to new oil than old oil.

5. Check the oil’s level in the engine. Your Road King’s dipstick will have a series of notches on its tip that will indicate if your engine is full or low on oil. More oil is needed if the oil on the dipstick stops at a low notch.

6. Check the oil’s viscosity. Newer oil is more likely to bead on the tip of the dipstick, while older oil will simply coat the tip.