Check The Transmission Oil In A 1995 Harley Sportster 883

Keeping a watchful eye on the fluids that lubricate the various moving parts in the motor and transmission is a critical part of maintaining your 1995 Harley-Davidson 883 Sportster. Checking the motor oil is done simply by taking a reading from the oil tank’s dipstick. Inspecting the transmission fluid is a bit more involved, requiring you to open the primary housing on the left side of the motor. It may sound complicated, but the task is easy enough that it should become a part of your regular maintenance routine.


1. Place the motorcycle on a stand or lift to support it in an upright position. If necessary, secure the motorcycle to the stand with tie-down straps to prevent it from falling over.

2. Unscrew the six bolts from the primary housing‘s round clutch inspection cover, or derby cover, on the left side of the motor. Pull the derby cover off of the primary housing and set it aside.

3. Look into the primary housing through the derby cover port. The transmission fluid should be level with the bottom edge of the clutch assembly in the primary housing. Take note of the color and condition of the fluid. If the fluid is dark brown or is filled with debris, change the transmission fluid immediately.

4. Add fresh transmission fluid as necessary to increase the fluid level in the primary housing. Use a funnel to pour fresh transmission fluid into the primary until the fluid is level with the bottom edge of the clutch assembly.

5. Place the derby cover onto the primary housing and insert a bolt into the cover’s top hole. Screw the bolt in until it is seated lightly against the cover. Insert the remaining bolts, again tightening the bolts lightly. Using a torque wrench, tighten all six bolts to 84 foot-pounds, alternating between bolts in a six-pointed star pattern.

6. Remove the motorcycle from the stand or lift and lower it onto its kickstand.