Choose A Scooter

Scooters offer reliable, low-cost transportation.

Choosing a scooter takes research into the different features available on different models. Basic questions to ask yourself when shopping are how you plan to use the scooter, whether your budget allows for a new or used model, the horsepower you’ll need for the intended use, and whether the scooter will be your primary method of daily transportation or a recreational vehicle for weekend joyriding. Either way, getting 120 miles or more per gallon is a powerful draw for buying any scooter.


1. Decide whether you’ll use the scooter for daily transportation or occasional jaunts. Daily transportation demands a reliable and fuel-efficient vehicle, so a new scooter is probably the best choice. A used scooter or a less expensive, less powerful model is perfectly adequate for weekend rides.

2. Choose a new or used scooter depending on your budget and intended use. You can save money on a used scooter if it’s a vintage model or Italian-built, such as a Vespa. A used Vespa may be just as dependable as a factory-fresh scooter made by a different manufacturer. Vespas also have a reputation for being easier to repair, and replacement parts are readily available.

3. Look for convenience features such as automatic transmission, one-touch electronic starters and below-the-seat storage.

4. Decide how much horsepower you need for your scooter. Most states have minimum speed laws and engine requirements for highway driving, so the scooter will have to be street-legal if your daily commute involves the freeway. Check the laws in your state before buying a scooter for highway driving. A scooter with a smaller engine, such as a 50cc motor, is equivalent to approximately 5 horsepower and can reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour. Scooters equipped with larger engines (150cc or more) can go up to 65 miles per hour.