Choose Motorcycle Weight

Are you considering the purchase of a motorcycle because of inflated gas prices, but don’t know where to start? Here’s a quick lesson in deciding what size and weight motorcycle you should purchase for yourself.


choose the right size motorcycle

1. Figure out your experience level. This is very important because a beginner should not buy a larger bike, even if he or she can handle the weight. The larger bikes not only carry more weight, but more power as well. A beginner, regardless of his or her size, should really consider something around 500 or 650cc. This is enough ‘get and go’ to get you going on the highway, but not enough to be overpowering. If you’re a bit more experienced, try something a little bigger (if the size isn’t too much for you) like a 650 to 750.

2. Determine your inseam! This is actually very important. When purchasing a motorcycle, you should never purchase one that is too tall for you. Measure your inseam and let whomever you speak with at the dealership know if it is incredibly short or long. Different style bikes tend to be built one way or the other. For example, Harley soft tails tend to ride lower, which is one reason they suggest them for women. Sit on the bike you are considering purchasing. Both of your feet should be able to touch the ground at the same time. This is very important! If you buy a bike that is too tall for you, you run a good risk of accidentally dropping your bike when you stop.

3. Research the different types of bikes. Different types of bikes tend to be built very differently. Cruisers are the typical motorcycle style you may think of when you think of a motorcycle. Harley Davidson manufactures many bikes in this style. You are able to sit more upright in these bikes and the handlebars tend to be a bit higher. Touring bikes are the large bikes you typically see with compartments on the side for storing luggage, and comfortable upright seats for both driver and passenger. These bikes tend to be very large. Make sure you are very experienced before taking on a motorcycle of this size and weight. Sport bikes are the motorcycles that tend to keep the rider low to the bike. They usually have colorful body panels and low handlebars. Beginners should choose from either the sport or cruiser categories while more experienced riders may choose from any of the three. Make sure you give each a try before deciding. They all ride very differently and position the rider very differently. Not everyone likes every kind!

4. Keep in mind that you can always get a larger bike later. Don’t rush into an 1100cc bike because you think you need all that power. Even a 500cc will have enough power to keep up with other bikes on the highway. Rushing yourself into something too large for yourself is a good way to ruin your bike and injure yourself. When you outgrow your smaller bike, trade it in for a slightly larger one. Let your bike grow with your experience level! But, keep in mind, your bike cannot surpass your own physical characteristics.