Choose The Right Motorcycle

When you’re choosing a motorcycle, there are some guidelines that will help you make the right decision. Unlike cars, motorcycles vary to suit the size and experience level of the rider. With a wide variety of motorcycles in various power ranges and styles, there’s sure to be one out there for you.


1. Consider safety when choosing a motorcycle. If you’ve never owned one before, look at some with less horsepower. Not only will you spend less money, you’ll be safer when accelerating. Motorcycles with a lot of power can come right out from underneath an inexperienced rider if he applies too much pressure to the throttle.

2. Ride in the dirt with an off-road motorcycle. Designed with increased suspension, these bikes will carry you over jumps and through sand and mud. Their tires have large knobby treads to dig into soft soil. They are known as motocross bikes. Consider the extent of your intended motocross riding when choosing an off-road bike. Lightweight powerful cycles are needed for jumping and racing.

3. Glide along the road on a classic upright motorcycle, such as a Harley Davidson. Designed for riders to sit straight up, these are good bikes for long-distance driving and touring. Two people can sit comfortably and optional backrests for a passenger are available. In addition, these motorcycles can pull small cycle-trailers and they have enough room to hold saddlebags.

4. Trick and stunt on a bullet bike. Also known as a crotch rocket, these motorcycles are designed for speed and stunting. Although very popular with teens and young adults, numerous accidents occur every year with riders of bullet bikes.