Chrome A Mag Wheel

Chrome wheels give a vehicle a shiny appearance.

Many car enthusiasts enjoy adding gleaming details to a vehicle for aesthetics, such as using chrome on the wheels. But, some wheel materials, like those used for a mag wheel, need special chroming techniques to adhere the substance correctly.


A mag wheel is made of a metal called magnesium alloy. It is a lightweight substance that has the strength to hold a vehicle’s weight with various spaces and spokes within the wheel’s interior.


Mag wheels can be chromed, but the process involves a very expensive jig, or application and holding device, designed specifically for the wheel shape. If a mag wheel is chromed at the factory with the necessary jig, the cost of the wheel does not skyrocket. If a consumer would like to chrome their wheels after they purchase basic mag wheels, the cost could be as much as $3,000 for chroming only (as of February 2011).


Some cheaply advertised chrome mag wheels are not chrome-plated at all. Reflective paint is used to make the wheel shiny, but it is not actually chromed.