City Of Arlington Texas Regulations For Trash Pickup

The city of Arlington, Texas, has several regulations for trash pickup.

Arlington is a growing city located in north Texas. Once known primarily as the site of the original Six Flags Over Texas, Arlington now includes Rangers Ballpark, Cowboys Stadium and a University of Texas. Many tourists come to Arlington every year, but year-round residents need to familiarize themselves with a few rules, including regulations for regular city trash pickup. These rules generally do not apply to residents of apartment complexes, who contract out their own dumpster pickups.

All Trash Must Be in Plastic Bags

In Arlington, you cannot put your trash out on the curb in paper bags. You cannot use any container you don’t want thrown in the back of the garbage truck. The city specifies that residents not use “plastic or metal trash cans of any kind,” warning, “Do not place containers on the curb that you wish to keep.”

Maximum Weight

The city will not pick up bags weighing more than 50 lbs. each. If you have a normal bag full of paper, wrappers, cans and packaging, you probably won’t have to worry about this, but if you fill a bag with something heavy, like old telephone books, it may be left behind for you to deal with on your own.

No Building Materials

The maximum weight restriction does not apply to building materials, since you are not supposed to be putting bags of rocks, bricks, dirt, wood or concrete out on the curb at all. If you wish to dispose of building materials, you need to haul them yourself to the Arlington city landfill at 800 Mosier Valley Road.

No Environmental Hazards

If you need to dispose of paint, old paint cans, oil, chemicals, gas, leaky car batteries or other kinds of flammable or dangerous materials, you must take them to the environmental collection center located on Bridge Street in nearby Fort Worth. The center is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Dropping off materials at the center is free, but you will need to show proof that you are an Arlington resident.

Bulky Items Pickup

The city will pick up large and bulky items like furniture and household appliances, but these can’t simply be put out on trash day. Before putting your old refrigerator or bed frame onto the curb, call the city at 817-317-2000 and let them know before your regular trash day to ensure your items will be taken away.

Trash Days

The city of Arlington does not pick up trash on holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the Fourth of July. Regular trash days are determined by what area of town you live in. As of 2010, south Arlington trash days were Monday and Thursday, central Arlington’s were Tuesday and Friday, and north Arlington’s were Wednesday and Saturday.