Classic Lotto 47 Rules

The Classic Lotto 47 is played in Michigan.

There are different lottery games for every state with jackpots that can reach into the tens of millions of dollars. From scratchers to Powerball, there are several opportunities for people to win some sort of money. Classic Lotto 47 takes place in Michigan. It’s named the Classic Lotto 47 because players get to choose numbers between 1 and 47 with overall odds reflecting those same numbers. Like most other lotteries, players can win the jackpot or other, smaller monetary winnings.

Picking Numbers

Each payslip comes equipped with five panels for play. Each panel costs one dollar and allows the player to choose six numbers from 1 to 47. So, if a player wants to play all five panels, it’ll cost five dollars. A player will pick six numbers for each panel. You have the option of picking your own numbers or having the computer pick numbers for you. If you want the computer to choose for you, then mark the “Easy Pick” box on your payslip.


Once you have chosen your numbers, you can return your payslip to any participating entity in Michigan. Once you pay, you’re then entered into the lottery drawing. Players may also pick numbers several days in advance and buy tickets all at once. The state allows players to purchase up to 20 consecutive days’ worth of payslips. You may purchase payslips until 7:08 p.m. the day of the drawing.


If a player matches six out of six numbers he will win the jackpot for that particular round. The jackpot will depend on how many people are playing the game at that particular time. However, if nobody wins the jackpot for that round, the money carries over to the next jackpot. If you match five out of six numbers, you’re guaranteed at least $2,500. If you match four out of six, you’ll get at least $100, and if you match at least three numbers, you’re guaranteed at least $5.